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GasAlert Micro5 Series
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Specification of

Size: 14.4 X 7.4 X 3.8cm, Weight: 370 gr

Rating: IP68

Alarm: High and Low, and TWA and STEEL

Factory Warranty: 2 years

Battery condition: Charger less than 6 hours, and standby time: 18 hours


GasAlertMicro5 Series, P / N: M5PID-XWHM-Y-OE. This is a tool for detecting Gas leaks of up to 5 gases. for Gas standards, namely: H2S, CO, O2, and LEL, and for Preferred Gas or Gas according to your needs, namely: VOCS, CO2, SO2, PH3, NH3, NO2, HCN, CI2, CIO2, and O3. This tool can detect up to 5 gases in one device, there are 3 types of micro5, namely Micro5-PID, Micro5-IR and Micro5-Standard. Simple form so that it is comfortable to wear, and this product is routinely calibrated every 6 months and has an Official Certificate from BW Technologies by Honeywell, This product has a 2 year warranty, besides that we also accept BW Gas Detector services and calibration.

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