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GasAlert BW CLIP (Single Gas)
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Specification of

Size: 4.1 X 5.0 X 8.7cm - Weight: 92 gr

Rating: IP66 / 67

Alarm: High and Low, and TWA and STEEL

Factory Warranty: 2 years

Battery condition: Resistance 2 years


BWCLIP 2, P / N: BWC2. This is a tool for Gas leak detection in a very dangerous work area. This type of device is a Single Gas type and each unit is only designated for one type of Gas, namely: H2S - CO - O2- and SO2. This tool is free maintenance, no need to charge battery, no need to replace the battery, no need to calibrate, so it's really free maintenance.

However, the usage time of this tool is only 24 months, the official Certificate Tool from BW Technologies by Honeywell, does not require complicated settings, just On and already running (no need to OFF) because it cannot be turned off. After the lifetime is complete the unit cannot be used again. To extend the life of the product, you can buy additional HIBERNATION tools that can extend for 1 year. This product has a 2 year warranty, in addition we also accept BW gas detector service and calibration.

We sell cheap price Gas Detectors with the best quality.

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