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Gas Cylinder / Gas Calibrasi
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Specification of

Canned Volume: Volume 58 liters of gas and Volume 34 liters,

Bottle size: volume 58 ltr (height 36cm, diamt: 9 cm)

Volume 34 ltr (Height 29cm, diamt: 7.5 cm)

Jenie gas: Multi gas (O2 - H2S - CO and LEL)

Single Gas (H2S, NH3, Cl2, O2, PH3, CO, SO2, HCN, etc.)


The calibration / gas cylinder calibration is intended as a tool when calibrating tools and tools for the Bump-Check. The gas concentration is certainly adjusted to the needs of BW Honeywell Gas Detector, so it is very compact and just right. As a balance / balance, Nitrogen is given from the factory. There are 2 kinds of volume, namely: Gas Cylinder 58 L and Gas Cylinder 34 L. and we also provide various types of Gas Cylinders and other Calibration Instruments according to your needs.

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